Giving Back In Our Community

Rentshop has been proudly serving New Tecumseth and area communities since 1985. As a responsible corporate citizen, we give back to the community by supporting worthy causes. We are pleased to be part of many succesful fundraising events, charities, and neighbourhood efforts which have made a difference in our community, and beyond.

We support events of all sizes, from small local gatherings to large fundraising galas.

Supporting Community Organizations & Events

Rentshop has supported:

Please help us support these worthy causes by giving generously and often to organizations in your community.

Let Us Know How We Can Support Your Community Organization

If your registered charitable organization or community group is planning a fundraising event, please download the form below. Complete and submit the request at least 30-days in advance of the event. We will review and consider your request.

Sponsorship and Donation Requests

Rentshop wants to be socially engaged in the communities we serve. One way we do this is by working alongside people and groups as a corporate sponsor to their events. It is our pleasure to partner with not-for-profit groups offering social services in the communities we do business, and with groups who work to enhance the profile and awareness of our communities.

We know all events are great, but we defer the opportunity to participate with specific sports teams or players, events that do not benefit the community in whole, or events that raise the profile of a specific organization or business (even if the event is community-focused).

Types of Donations:

  1. Monetary: Subject to availability of alloted sponsorship funding.

  2. Merchandise from Inventory: Determined by value of said goods, and alloted sponsorship funding.

  3. In-Kind (Equipment Rental): Subject to alloted in-kind sponsorship funding and equipment availability.

Screening Criteria:

Sponsorship or donation funds are granted only to organizations that make formal application four (4) weeks in advance. Any organization may receive only one (1) donation or sponsorship per calendar year. Donations and sponsorships are not renewed automatically; a new application must be submitted each year.

Application Procedure:

  1. Submit a written request on the application form (provided below) at least four weeks prior to the event by: Email (preferred), in-person, or by mail.

  2. Store manager will contact you by email or telephone regarding your request.

  3. Store manager will sign approved application.

  4. Products donated/provided through in-kind sponsorship will be sold/reserved like any conventional transaction, and will list the sponsorship details in the comments section.

Please note - all requests must be submitted on our application form.

Sponsorship Recognition:

Receiving sponsor will give recognition to Rentshop consistent with value of the sponsorship as stated in the details of the application. Use of Rentshop's logo and slogan must be consistent with Rentshop's corporate identity guidelines and will be provided by Rentshop upon request.

Sponsorship Limitations:

The approved Sponsorship Application & Agreement does not necessarily imply Rentshop's endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s), therefore advertising or statements suggesting such must be approved by Rentshop prior to publishing.

The approved Sponsorship Applications & Agreement does not assume any preferential treatment outside of the Sponsorship Agreement. Employees of Rentshop will not receive any product, service or asset for personal use or gain by the sponsored partner.

Click Here to Download the Request Form